When a new path opens up—even one you’ve been praying for—there is that niggling wariness of stepping into the unknown.

  • Fear of making the wrong choice: Is this the one, or should I wait?
  • Fear of failure: What if this is my one shot and I mess it up?
  • Fear of letting go: Is it safer to just keeping doing what I’m doing?

Fear is a hurdle we all face. Even my Labrador retriever gets anxious about the unknown—a new park to walk, a new car to ride in (whichever car, he will force his way into the seat behind the driver, nudging you out, even if you are sitting there. So, obviously animals find safety in their habits, too.)

But what happens if you don’t overcome that fear hurdle?



“Fear to a great extent is born of a story we tell ourselves, so I chose to tell myself a different story….” Cheryl Strayed from Wild

What fear have you overcome? Are you facing one right now?