My Writing

I love writing for the cause-conscious crowd and those loving a little rough-around-the-edges travel. A few examples of my articles are shown below. 

What Are You Passing Down?
Chosen Women’s Conference Magazine

Poor Paw
Chosen Women’s Conference Magazine

The State of Modern Slavery
Relevant Magazine

Forgiving The Unforgivable

Porn is a Social Justice Issue
Relevant Magazine

Hope From Dark Moments
Seacoast Church Magazine

When We Want To Ask Why

Defying A Legacy

Things That Hold Us Back From Serving Others
Relevant Magazine

A Place For Us

How To Break The Bystander Effect
Relevant Magazine

What To Do When You’re Praying For A Miracle, But You Have To…Go

Why Haven’t I Heard Of Them Before? How Hidden Figures Came To Be

Beauty In The Brokeness

4 Ways to Break Down Social Barriers
Relevant Magazine


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